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Youth Development

The Youth Development Programme was founded to see a South Africa that is led by a socially responsible, proactive and well-equipped youth.

We are dedicated to the holistic development of youth by focusing on psycho-social skills including leadership, finances, mental health, career development, and arts & literature. Our mission is to equip the youth that will become positive agents of change in their respective communities. Through the voice of the Youth - as the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation Youth Development Programme - we are committed to contribute, towards a society that remembers its past, listens to all its voices, and pursues social justice.


Youth Seminars, Policy (school and community), Community, workshops

Activism and Advocacy

Conscious Café

Mental Health

Debrief café, Mental Health management skills, Mental wellbeing skills development, psychoeducation, building happy and healthy relationships, life story

Arts and Literature

History, Writing workshops, mentorship, practical workshops, career day.

Financial literacy, Alternative income streams, Social Entrepreneurship, How to’s (start a business, open bank account…)

Career Guidance

Info session, Graduate profile, Career Development Plan, Self-Knowledge, Post school options.

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We look forward to having you

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