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Since the eruption of the Corona Virus in South Africa, the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation has worked assiduously with key partners to guarantee that the effect of the pandemic is limited for those affected by the gender-based violence and femicide scourge. In compliance with the Covid- 19 lockdown regulations, the Foundation had to halt all contact public events and campaigns planned and instead made use of online services.

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The foundation continued raising awareness about Gender Based Violence (GBV) even during the lockdown period, as some people are more vulnerable now, stuck in their homes with perpetrators of GBVF. ​


The Foundation rolled out an online awareness and prevention campaign for the month of April, which was aimed at uplifting and supporting the communities through this critical time. We increased our telecommunication and online communication efforts by sending out messages and words of support.


In addition to this, we also distributed safety information, including safe houses contact details, information on GBV prevention and support organisations in each province. ​

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We also established an online psychological support service that uses a qualified Psychologist. The service is available every day from 9am until 4pm for the remainder of April. Statistics indicate that South Africans are using this service, approximately three people a day access this service on the busiest week.

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